Beginning Harp class and Crossroads Concert

Hi folks! I know, I know, it's been absolutely ages since I posted. My apologies! But I have two excellent bits of news for you about next week!

First: I'll be teaching a Beginning Harp class at Dusty Strings in…Read more

Harp Seattle 2014/Seattle Folk Harp Symposium

I had a fantastic time helping to run the Harp Seattle/Folk Harp Symposium at Dusty Strings this weekend! I even taught an unnervingly well-attended workshop on "Singing With Your Harp". Thanks to the fantastic Pocket Images by Megan for this…Read more

Twelfth Night (#Shakes450) on YouTube!

What's this? Two blog posts in as many days?  That's just craziness.  But I couldn't help but share my excitement: The Digital Stage accepted and posted my entry to the #Shakes450 collaboration.  (In honor of Shakespeare's upcoming 450th birthday on…Read more

Happy Hogmanay and other Scottish news!

Happy New Year, everyone!  And let me wish you all an extremely belated Happy Hogmanay as well.  As is traditional, I celebrated Hogmanay this year by attending a brilliant Capitol Hill party, which culminated (inevitably) in the lot of us…Read more