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Happy Hogmanay and other Scottish news! 

Happy New Year, everyone!  And let me wish you all an extremely belated Happy Hogmanay as well.  As is traditional, I celebrated Hogmanay this year by attending a brilliant Capitol Hill party, which culminated (inevitably) in the lot of us marching down 15th Avenue, brandishing flags of the Celtic nations, playing bagpipes, invading the local pubs/coffeeshops and compelling their denizens to sing "Flower Of Scotland" with us. This year I was privileged to carry the large Irish flag in the procession, which I managed to do without disgracing myself/injuring anyone. Good times.

In further Scottish news, I'll be flying to Naples, Florida this week to perform at the St. Andrew's Society's Robert Burns Supper, which is always a pleasure and a privilege! (When I received the invitation, my first thought was..."Florida in January? Nah, that doesn't sound enjoyable at all..." *shivering in the Seattle cold*)

"Sunday's Hornpipe" Radio Interview 

Very exciting news, folks! Devon Leger, one of the hosts of KBCS' "Sunday's Hornpipe" Celtic radio show, has invited me to come do an in-studio performance and interview THIS SUNDAY (9/8/13)! The show runs from 3-6 pm, and I'll be on starting at 4pm. Be sure to listen in (it's a great show!) Those not lucky enough to be in the Seattle/Bellevue area can stream the show live (or listen to the audio archive later!) at www.kbcs.fm. Thanks, Devon!

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