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Yes, it's true, I'll be playing again at the Harp Tent at the Skagit Valley Highland Games! Same bat time, same bat channel...1:05 pm on Saturday, July 14th. (I think this time the bagpipe demo doesn't start until 1:30, but WE'LL BE READY FOR THEM.) Come on down, hear some music, watch some sheepdogs doing their thing, watch burly dudes in kilts throw things! Fun times. (For more info on the Games--like, you know, where they are, etc.--visit www.celticarts.org.)


I got yer CDs right here! :) 

Hi folks,

It's a lovely drizzly Seattle day, and I'm ensconced on the couch with a bottomless cup of tea and some toasted Amarelo Bread (hey, what is a blog good for if you can't shamelessly promote your friends from time to time?). In search of a productive task that doesn't involve actually getting up, I finally updated my album page to allow direct sales of both the physical Maid on the Shore CD and the album download. (You can still purchase the album from your favorite online merchants as well: Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby).

One extra perk: if you buy the CD directly from me, I can autograph it for you before sending it out! Sweet!




Happy Birthday, Tom Lehrer! 

I didn't realize it had been so long since I'd posted--my apologies! It's all been pretty quiet around here for the last few months.

However, I realized a few weeks ago that the great Tom Lehrer (mathematician, pianist, satirical genius, sometimes credited with inventing the Jell-O shot) was turning 90 years old (yesterday, in fact). 90! So, I decided I really needed to honor his birthday by singing my favorite Tom Lehrer song. (I’m sure Tom would have something wonderfully, bitingly sarcastic to say about my performance, to say nothing of my video editing skills.)

Please enjoy The Masochism Tango!

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