THREE HARP NIGHT - Feb. 24th, 2023, Couth Buzzard Books

Hi all! I'll be performing in a collaborative concert (each performer plays a short solo set followed by an improv jam) on February 24th at my old stomping grounds, the Couth Buzzard in Greenwood! I love this place and it's always a treat to be invited to perform there.


Three harpists contrasting genres, styles and instruments (134 strings in all) meet for an exchange of solo sets and to surprise themselves and each other in collaboration.

Traditional Celtic tunes, electric improvisation and a vocal/harp serenade round out a warm evening at the Couth Buzzard.

Molly Bauckham hails from California and Hawaii, and has been performing her sweet, soulful harp and vocals in the Pacific NW for 25 years.

Linda Khandro has played music her entire life with certain styles & genres holding sway: Celtic harp, percussion, ambient and improvisation. She performs tonight on the double-strung harp.

Carol J Levin has been embraced by Seattle's jazz and free improvisation communities for her creative voice and for extending the capabilities of the harp beyond its expected style.